Tonsil Surgery (Tonsillectomy)

Today, tonsil surgeries are always performed under general anesthesia and in the morning. It does not require hospitalization. The operation time is 40 minutes. It takes around 90 minutes with anesthesia follow-ups.

In classical methods, the process of taking the tonsils from the tissue surrounded by the muscle in the throat area together with the capsule is applied. There is no tonsil tissue left behind. In some cases, the tonsils are not completely removed with the capsule and some of them are left behind.

It is applied in patients where the tonsils grow and cause respiratory obstruction. During the operation, some tonsil tissue is left. Because it is a less painful method, it is preferred especially in cases requiring surgery under the age of 3. It is not applied in patients who need to remove tonsil tissue due to recurrent inflammation.


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