Goiter Surgery

The thyroid gland is located on the anterior side of the neck and secretes thyroid hormone. Functional and structural diseases of the thyroid gland vary. Hypothyroidism, secretion of excess hormones to the secretion of the thyroid gland is called hyperthyroidism (toxic goitre). The growth of the thyroid gland by volume and the so-called nodule are called gum.

Thyroid hormone provides the dinanism of the working order of the body. When it is secreted, metabolism slows down and weight gain, water retention in the body, slowing in movements, slowing of bowel movements, constipation and dryness in the skin can be seen. When the thyroid hormone is secreted excessively, metabolism increases and excessive mobility, rapid heart beat, palpitation, excessive sweating, tremors in the hands, weight loss despite increased appetite. Thyroid hormone disorders are treated medically with drugs.

The volume growth of the thyroid gland is called goiter. In the thyroid gland, nodules called nodules may be formed. These nodules sometimes secrete excess hormones. These are called toxic nodules, ie, den poisonous goiter arasındaki, as used by the population. The number of thyroid nodules are more than one and they are called Multi Nodular Goitre. In patients with multi-nodular goitre, swelling seen in the neck can be seen. This is called. External goitre Buna. The goitre, which grows without any sign of swelling on the neck, is also called belirt internal goitre Boy. There is no link between the growth of thyroid gland and hormone secretion. Blood tests may be normal, goiter with normal hormone levels.


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