Nose Tip Aesthetic

The tip of the nose is the most prominent part of the nose and this area is also very important in terms of aesthetics. It consists of the top junction points of two “n” shaped cartilages that make the nose wings.

It has many different types and is also characteristic among races. Height, width and angles are very important. The skin of this region has the thickest skin structure in the nose. While the skin at the root of the nose is thinner, it thickens as it reaches the tip of the nose and the number and density of sebaceous glands within the skin increases.

Surgical correction of this area is also possible, but a good pre-operative planning is necessary to ensure that the rest of the patient’s nose can adapt to the outcome. Not all patients may be suitable candidates for nasal tip aesthetics, so the patient should discuss this with the doctor in detail. It is not always right for a patient with an arched nose to request nasal tip aesthetics. Usually the right candidates are patients with other aesthetic units of the nose without any problem.

Local or general anesthesia given by the nose tip aesthetic surgery, according to the procedures, takes about 1 hour.

Nose end aesthetic surgery; septum that separates the nose in the middle cartilage structure, the back of the nose and the bone structure of the sides without touching the cartilage at the tip of the nose is the correction process.

Thus, thick, drooping, long, high, narrow or wide nose tips can be reshaped. Nose wings can be narrowed.

It is a procedure that can be performed under local anesthesia. It is a one-hour operation in which the angle of the nose with the lip can be changed, the tip of the nose can be lifted and thinned, and does not cause breathing problems.
If necessary, buffers can be placed and cast at the end of the surgery. It can also be made without bumper and without plaster. The decision should be left to the plastic surgeon performing your surgery. If the bumper is placed, it will be withdrawn on the 2nd day, if you have a plaster, it can be removed or replaced on the 5th day and new plaster can be made. On the 10th day, the plaster is completely removed and the massage is started. Achieving the targeted result usually takes 3 months for the swelling to pass completely. In this period, especially skin thickness plays an important role. In patients with thick nasal skin or in patients who have had previous surgical intervention through the nose, the time to return to the old skin may take between 3 months and one year.

This surgery is much less bruising, swelling than standard rhinoplasty (aesthetic nose surgery) surgery, and after this procedure return to normal life is quite short and usually does not pain.

A patient who has decided to have a nose tip aesthetic should also be familiar with normal nose aesthetic surgery.
The nose is a characteristic special organ that affects the expression in the center of the face in every way. It has width, height, depth and very important functions. The shape shows personal differences.

Rather than being a standard nose, the results to be obtained in aesthetic nose surgeries; it should be designed specifically for each patient, and a natural result appropriate to each patient’s face shape and proportions should be sought. The rates of the nose and the face, the angles of the nose and the angles of the face should be evaluated in detail and planning should be done with the patient in a detailed interview considering the patient’s expectations.

The most important step for the person who wants to have aesthetic nose surgery is to apply to a ENT specialist who can solve the aesthetic and functional problems. Before the operation, the better the patient can define his / her expectations and present problems and explain this to his / her doctor, the result will be as much as he wants after the operation.
In the planning of aesthetic nose surgery, it is very important whether there has been an accident or trauma before, whether there is an operation or if there are some congenital problems.
Having respiratory problems does not prevent plastic surgery. Both problems can be easily treated with the same surgery.

Keeping in mind that people who want to have aesthetic nose surgery, the result they desire is correction rather than perfection, they should clearly tell their doctors about their expectations about looking and feeling better after surgery.


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