Dr. Mustafa Karakaş

He was born in 1984 in Isparta, Yalvaç. He completed his high school education in Adana, Seyhan Anatolian High School in 2002 and was eligible to enter Istanbul University Cerrahpasa Medical School in the same year. After completing his medical school education in 2008, Karakash received a degree in the medical specialty exam that he entered in the same year, and he was entitled to do the Otolaryngology specialty that he wanted very much.

Between 2008 and 2013, he successfully completed his residency at Haseki Training and Research Hospital in Istanbul and received the title of operator doctor. He was honored with a commendation by the governorship of Istanbul for his services in Istanbul.

He has done many firsts in Kahramanmaras province, where he has done his compulsory service, and has successfully performed surgeries that have not been performed before in the city. He was a hospital administrator in the position of Assistant Chief Physician for 1 year. After compulsory service, he worked as an operator doctor at Şişli Etfal training and Research Hospital in Istanbul.

In 2014, he successfully completed the Otolaryngology board exam and was eligible to receive the qualification certificate. He has many articles published in reputable journals at home and abroad. It follows current developments in its branch by participating in numerous international and national congresses and visiting clinics abroad.

Among her areas of special interest, rhinoplasty (nose surgery), Septoplasty (functional nasal surgery), Otoplasty (prominent ear surgery), endoscopic sinus surgery (sinusitis surgery), Tympanoplasty and bone (arthritis in the ear and ear surgery, children’s ear, nose and throat surgery (tonsil and adenoid surgery, sleep apnea (snoring surgery), salivary gland diseases, and
goiter surgeries are available. He has gained extensive experience with the number of surgeries approaching 5000. Karakaş, who speaks English well, is married and has a child.


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