Chin Tip Aesthetics

Chin is the area which is in lower part of our face, and establishes connection between the face and neck. It provides not only visuality, also the opening and closing function of our mouth by the help of joint it makes with the head. Also the chin has importance in terms of aesthetics for the facial area. Like nose, the gonion should also be proportionate and compatible with the other facial areas. It is one of the important structures composing profile of the face.

Orthognathic surgery or chin aesthetics is the procedure of fixing disorder with intervention oriented chins of the patients with the problem of biting and chewing based on the disorder in their teeth alignment.

The most important case in the plastic surgeries performed in the chin is the teeth alignment-closure and if it is a situation concerning the whole chin. If the teeth alignment, chin closure is normal and it is a case only concerning the gonion, different surgery; and in cases that teeth alignment and closure are out of order, surgeries concerning the whole chin are performed.


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